Matters in Second Skin

Nude Collage Series by Hein Thit (Translation)

Artist Hein Thit, who believes every simple artistic work has power, departed from his usual style since 2000 and started painting women figures in line drawing. Powerful works of local artist Bagyi Aung Soe and international artist Egon Schiele, who both have influence on him, were some factors of motivation behind his simple line drawings of distorted women figures.
His marriage in 2005 was a turning point for him. Because painting alone could not support his survival, he had to set up a comic book rental shop with the help of some friends. Since then, comic books have become a crucial part of his life. He began to notice some comic books with high artistic creativity, and started collecting some that he valued because he felt sorry for their short life before they were recycled. He seemed to have some intention, at least in his subconscious mind, to make use of them as valuable artistic materials instead of letting them become waste.
His style of painting stresses on lines drawn on a plane surface. The comics he likes are also line-drawn and in black and white.
The stories in the comic books reflected the political, economic and social situations of the time, especially those under the autocratic rule he grew up under. That analogy serves as the primary motivation behind his creation of "Nude Collage Series" in 2008. He selected dramatic scenes from the comic books (for instance, exclamations and onomatopoeia) and put them together in proper order in his paintings. The comic scenes he has selected came to life again through his creative arrangement in his line-drawn paintings of distorted women on canvas. The women in his paintings are no longer quietly solitary as in his earlier works but seem to be communicating something to the viewer. But whether the viewer will enjoy a temporary relief from the hardship and struggle under a political system of a certain time in the past, via the bold brush strokes of Hein Thit is yet to be seen.
Ko Linn
Translation by Aung Myint Tun



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